When I finished with my last client yesterday, I came home and plan to stay here for the weekend. I’ve been following the advice to wash my hands often for 20 seconds each time, don’t shake hands with anyone, stand 6 feet apart from people, and avoid crowds. But many science and medical professionals are now suggesting that people stay home as much as possible. So as a caring member of my communities, I think I’m going to follow that suggestion.

My husband is a pulmonary and critical care physician at Stanford, and my stepson is a doctor at the University of Washington; they are both very involved with fighting and treating the virus. They reassure me that this is not the time to panic, or to stock up on water and toilet paper. It is time to be concerned for our elderly friends and family, and to do what we can to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. We need to travel less, to stay home more, and to wash our hands. (Yes, I’m saying it again because it’s really important.)

Some of your kids might be scared, might be confused, might have questions. Our little ones can just be told that “we’re staying home today” and “we need to wash our hands again”. But our older ones might be home from school, and be worried. Words like” Yes, there is a virus going around. But we are doing what we can to stay safe, and we are not worried. Your school/sports team/dance class might be cancelled for awhile, but they will start up again. And we’re going to be okay.”

Your kids are going to follow your clues. So minimize conversation and media coverage if you think your kids are stressed, and be confident. And wash your hands every time they wash theirs!

If you have any questions that my husband or I can answer, please just ask! Use one of the links below and we will connect.

Six of my upcoming talks have been cancelled, and while that is disappointing, it’s also the right thing to do. The road ahead is going to get bumpier, but we’re going to be okay. Stay healthy everyone!