Using humor (and lots of it), coupled with personal life stories, Susan will both entertain and educate you. You’ll never look at parenting the same way again.

Susan will teach you how to identify the family values important to you, and more importantly, how to instill these in your children.  Whether it’s communicating with your teen or toddler, or managing behavior with calm and competence, Susan is the dynamic, personable, and memorable speaker you’re looking for.

Her most popular workshop, entitled “Real Parents, Real Kids, Real Talk”, was published in book format. It is available for purchase here.

Susan has presented hundreds of talks to groups of all sizes, for parents with kids of all ages, and she looks forward to speaking with your group too.

Popular workshops include:

  • “Understanding Gender Diversity”
  • “Real Parents, Real Kids, Real Talk”
“2 Ears and 1 Mouth: The Keys to Connecting”
  • “Taming the Homework Monster”
“Calm and Competent Discipline for all Ages”

Other topics available upon request.

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See what parents and kids have to say…

Mom of 16 year old and 10 year old sons

“Susan was my guiding light in a very dark time in our family. Her support (at all hours of the day and night), her understanding and gentle and sometimes not so gentle advice made the difference in our family’s life and more importantly in my son’s life. I truly believe if it wasn’t for Susan, my older son would have ended up in Juvenile Hall or worse.”

Dad with 3 children

“Thanks for sharing your great tips with us. This is a big relief to know that this kind of behavior is common and typical. It seems that there is no end in learning how to work with the kids. This is great to have people like you that can help others to learn how to improve their relationship with their kids.”

Alison, 11 year old girl

“I like you, Susan. You are really easy to talk to.”