Meet Susan Stone:
Family Coach, Speaker, and Author

 As one grateful mom said,
“Susan teaches wisdom, not theory.” 

Her straightforward, humorous, and common sense approach to parenting has helped hundreds of families become happier and stronger families, and she’s ready to help your family too.

Do you have parenting questions?

Family Coach

What do all winning teams have in common? A really great coach. Learn how Susan can help your family team succeed.

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Parenting Talks

Wondering how to tame the homework monster? Or how to raise a resilient child? Learn more about the parenting workshops available to you.

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“Real Parents, Real Kids, Real Talk”

“Real Parents, Real Kids, Real Talk” belongs in every parent’s library, whether their child is 3, 13 or 23 years old.

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From the Blog

“Genuine Parenting”

“Listen TO and talk WITH your children the same way you want them to listen and talk with you" is advice I share with parents to help improve communication with their kids. "Be yourself; let your children see you as a person, not just a parent" is a advice I offer to...

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Today is Super Bowl LV, which means these championship games started when I was a little girl 55 years ago. I cannot remember ever missing a single one. I watched them as a child with my single mom through all the years of raising my own kids. Watching professional...

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“How to Talk About Today’s Current Events”

It's now been almost one week since our Capitol, and our democracy, were attacked by MAGA/trump supporting white supremacists. As a life long news junkie, and someone who now works from home like many of you, I spent hours glued to my television watching the...

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Preschool coordinator

I was fortunate to attend a parenting seminar delivered by Susan at the Almaden Parents Preschool (APPS). Susan has a wealth of knowledge and experience about parenting and provided great practical tips, all with a great sense of humor! 

Susan truly cares about supporting parents and provides practical steps towards raising kids who grow up to be kind, compassionate and independent adults. I strongly recommend Susan and look forward to having her back at APPS!

– Shaila Karim, Adult Education Coordinator (APPS)

PTA President, Mother of 2 school age girls

Thank you very much for coming and giving us such a GREAT presentation tonight!  The evening could have gone for a few more hours with such positive energy and participation from our more than 100 parents!! Your straight forward, candid, and no-nonsense way of communication to our parents helped all of us to feel at ease, open and validated.  With such a large number of participation, I felt moved by how so many of our parents love their kids and are willing to learn how to communicate and parent in loving and effective ways.
Thank you again and we hope to have you with us again!

Mom of 2 teens

My husband attended Susan Stone Belton’s seminar last year at my son’s high school. He returned with 15 pages of scribbled notes and great enthusiasm about Susan’s honest and hands-on approach and techniques to dealing with teens. Well, fast forward to two days ago when I called Susan for help with a very challenging and serious situation with our teenage son. Seriously, after just one phone conversation, we had the proper tools and dialogue with which to address the issue with our son that very night. I was happy to relate back to her the next day that all is again well at our home. The help and support she provided strengthened the loving bond that we have with our children. Thank you Susan, from the bottom of our hearts!

Mother of teen son

I have been a single parent since my son was two years old without support from his father. Our Mothers group started with Susan when my son was in middle school. Our group provided me the support, encouragement, and guidance I felt I was missing raising my son alone. Susan’s experience working with preteens and teens helped me at times stay ahead of the game. My son now knew I had the backing of my mother’s group when decisions needed to be made. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am so grateful for the group of women with Susan’s guidance that helped me raise my son.”

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From at risk students to gifted ones, and every in-between, Susan has the right parenting strategy for you. Her over four decades of experience in child development has resulted in a simple, no-nonsense approach to raising successful adults while developing and maintaining the close family relationships we all desire. 

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