From little ones….
To Big Ones.

Make education a family value. The goal of school is to learn to love learning. Take turns at dinner and have everyone share one thing they learned that day.

Create a home that values reading. Read to your young child every day, and to your older ones as long as they are willing. Let your kids see you reading. Teaching your children a love of reading is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Make numbers fun, and a part of everyday life. Count cheerios and Lego blocks. Roll coins and add it up. Give your kids an allowance and teach money management. Have them measure the sugar when you bake cookies.

Support your child’s school. Go to Back to School night, donate to the PTA, and join the Walk-A-Thon. Attend school sponsored events, and meet the staff in the front office.

Get to know your child’s teachers. Volunteer to work in the classroom or to chaperone a field trip. Donate an extra box of Kleenex for the room. Understand that teaching is hard work, and let them know they are appreciated.

Assist your child with their homework if needed, but encourage independent work. Create a homework station (where your child will work). Plan on a daily homework time (when your child will start). Put together a homework kit with supplies (pencils, erasers, scissors, etc.) so they don’t use time searching for those items.

Ask your child about school every day. But ask a fun question like “What was the best moment of your day?” or “Who did you sit with at lunch?”. If you ask “How was your day?”, you will simply get the answer of “Fine.”

Remember who the student is. (And it isn’t you!) Allow your child to earn their own grades, to make mistakes, and to not be perfect. Be an active participant, but from the sidelines. Allow your child to have their own experience, in their own way. They have a lot of school ahead of them, and the more they enjoy it, the better!